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Трекмобиль Титан 2019 года
Contact Chad Kleinow for pricing: cell: 419-343-7039 MAXIMUM TRACTIVE EFFORT: • 49,500 lbs [22,453 kg] double coupled • 33,100 lbs [15,014 kg] single coupled ENGINE QSB — 6.7 Liter Cummins electronic turbo-charged diesel engine Meets EPA Tier IV EU State IV A emissions — optional CONFIGURATION 6 cylinder inline 4 valves per cylinder 408 in (6.7L) engine displacement Tier IV 260 hp (194kw) horsepower Tier IV @2500 rpm 260 hp (194kw) horsepower @2500 rpm 550 lb-ft [746 n-m] maximum torque Tier IV @1500 rpm 550 lb-ft [746 n-m] maximum torque @1500 rpm Automatic engine shutdown Intake air heater — preheats incoming combustion air prior to start AIR INTAKE? 3-stage filtration: high-efficiency pre-cleaner tubes, primary filter, safety filter Donaldson Brand, 2-stage filtration with primary filter and safety filter FUEL TANK High strength steel, fuel tank Approximately sixty (60) gallon (227 liters) capacity with lockable cover TRANSMISSION Funk, DF 150 series, constant mesh spur gearing four speed forward and reverse with selectable power shift manual or automatic with 4th or 3rd and 4th gear lock-out rail, road, or both AXLES On Road — Two (2) heavy-duty, steel case, hydraulically raised and lowered On Rail — Two (2) out-board internal planetary type with high strength ductile iron Rear axle drive hubs with friction drive DIFFERENTIAL Rigid, outboard planetary air actuated differential locking TRANSFER CASE Heavy-duty, hardened alloy steel spur gears with oil bath lubrication BRAKE SYSTEM On-road machine braking hydraulic disc brakes, dual calipers, 14.625″ (371.475 mm) On-rail machine braking hydraulic disc brakes, 18″ (457 mm) diameter Machine parking brake — 14″ (335.6 mm) diameter disc, driveline mounted In-cab train air source control Selectable neutral braking — automatically applies brake to full pressure within 5 seconds AAR COMPATIBLE TRAIN AIR BRAKE SYSTEM Gladhand connections 100 CFM rotary screw compressor with large steel constructed (train air reservoir, 2.0 ft (56.6 L) capacity PNEUMATIC SYSTEM Machine air pressure system air dryer with automatic internal 12 VDC heater HYDRAULIC On-road machine braking — hydraulic disc brakes, duel calipers per side On-rail machine braking — hydraulic disc brakes, 18″ (457 mm) diameter Constant pressure hydraulic system, with piston pump and o-ring face seal fittings Electrically controlled cartridge monoblock valve with diagnostic pressure ports ELECTRICAL Heavy duty 12 Volt DC, 160 amp alternator with dual 925 CCA batteries Digital Instrumentation System — SAE-J1939 Can-Bus Control System Ultraview 7″ digital display for real-time machine statistics and diagnostic data Safe-T-Vue video 10″ monitor display with 360 degree surround view camera system Alarms — automatic backup road-mode alarm, selectable electronic warble-type alarm, blast type air horn, and amber led strobe warning lights Rail line of sight cameras — optional WHEELS/TIRES On Road — four (4), 20 ply 12.00 x 20 heavy duty, mine service rubber tires On Rail — four (4), 27″ (685.8 mm), heat-treated, forged steel, ring-style flanged AAR profile standard gauge 56 1/2″ (1435 mm) SANDERS Eight (8) individual, air-operated, electronically-controlled sanders — 2 per wheel MAIN FRAME Heavy duty — high strength 2″ thick welded steel structural frame with one (1) front 3″ (76.2 mm) thick cross-members, one each on the front and rear Pivoting frame — heavy-duty 2″ (51 mm) thick split rotating mainframe oscillates up to 10 degrees assuring 4-wheel rail contact BODY FRAME Heavy duty all-welded construction steel plates and structural forms SUSPENSION Durable shock resistant foundation for body frame, cab isolation mounts for reduced noise and vibration levels Eight (8) isolation mounts between cab and body frame (deck), and four (4) Firestone air bags with height adjustment between the body (deck) and main frame STEERING On road — hydraulic power steering with pivot away steering wheel STANDARD AAR COUPLERS Two heavy duty cast steel weight transfer design positive coupling and uncoupling with AAR Contour Coupler and locking knuckle. Industry leading coupler beam width for adverse and severe curve radius AAR, SA-3, UIC (hook and buffer style), metro train type couplers allowing dual-gauge conversion capabilities — Optional INSTALLED OPTIONS Cold weather package Air conditioning Max-tran (automated weight transfer) Train air charge indicator Line of sight safety cameras Safety textured handrails

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